holiday bb (1) With the holidays coming up, more people will be hitting the road to travel to see their loved ones for their annual celebrations.Grabbing a car charger and a few extra portable chargers will make sure that doesn’t happen.

From the extra-long battery life to unmatched image quality, it’s truly the best smartphone I’ve ever used — it even let me capture some truly extraordinary photos of the Northern Lights!You’ll get excellent audio quality, industry-leading noise-canceling performance and up to 30 hours of battery life, plus a comfortable, lightweight design.

And for those of us who have to travel during the holidays, life can quickly become one enormous headache.Luckily, just as there are easy ways to relieve anxiety while flying, there are also some truly brilliant holiday travel hacks that can make visiting friends and family so much easier.

With the end of 2019 approaching, many travelers are working on plans to cement their airline elite status for 2020 and beyond.TPG reader Ken wants to know how exactly to earn elite status with an airline alliance …I’ve always wondered, how does one build status with airline alliances (like Oneworld, Star Alliance or SkyTeam)?

None of the 196 people on board were injured, Sky News and aviation site FlightGlobal reported.A video shows a Boeing 737-800 plane operated by EgyptAir bursting into flames shortly after landing at the airport of holiday resort Sharm el-Sheikh Airport last week.

From amazing adventures to dream destinations, here are 99 of the world's most unmissable travel experiences for 2020 and beyond.The city's great museums – The Uffizi and Galleria dell'Accademie – are filled with some of the world's most famous masterpieces, including Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Michelangelo's David.

However, flying in winter isn't always easy, with snow wreaking havoc on flight schedules and airports heaving with crowds.That means you're much less likely to get stranded if a winter storm does hit.

Baruch is chief of the IAA’s busy Jerusalem office, and he’s proud of his unofficial title as the mayor of underground Jerusalem.Undeterred, de Saulcy hauled to the Louvre an ancient sarcophagus containing the remains of what he claimed was an early Jewish queen.

Flying 101: experts reveal all No matter how often we fly, the wonder of air travel never ceases to astound us." Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

More and more severe floods in recent years are also contributing to the disappearance of the City of Canals.The Mirador Basin and Tikal National Park in Guatemala may not be around much longer thanks to forest burning.

Going on vacation or a family trip with children can be a wonderful, memory-filled experience.But the inevitable airport waits it takes to get there?

© Todd Anderson - Getty Images Most people believe that Disney's entire holiday transformation happens overnight, but Disney's manager of Holiday Services Lisa Borotkanics tells Delish there's so much more time and effort that goes into installing the 40,000+ decorations around the parks and resorts.On my most recent trip to Disney World (I go to Disney World.

Unfortunately, most of us will never become princesses, but now, you can travel like one — that is, if you’ve got $7,395 to spend.The Classic Escapes package, titled “In the Footsteps of Royals,” won’t provide quite the same experience, but the itinerary features many royal-approved landmarks.

The home is available for rentals for the entire month of December through the luxury home rental site Plum Guide.You can find out more about the Earl of Fitzroy on Plum Guide.

Australian airline Qantas on Thursday launched a one-off research flight that will carry about 50 people from London to Sydney nonstop, clocking up the longest commercial passenger flight in recent aviation history in the process.The flight, which departed London's Heathrow Airport at about 6 a.

Bottom line, don’t fly too close to Thanksgiving and don’t fly too close to Christmas – fly within the cheap zone of Dec.Dallas-Los Angeles, early December: $147Same flight during Christmas week: $307orSeattle-Phoenix, early December: $98Same flight during Christmas week: $382What about Europe?

” There’s nothing better than scoring a surprise upgrade to business class, especially if you haven’t paid full price.Now, though, airlines are introducing new ways to allow passengers to access premium cabins more readily.

Mueller/Shutterstock Some of the World’s Best Beaches Are in Countries You May Not Expect Germany might be well known for its castles and South Korea for its shopping, but these places are also home to some of the world’s best beaches.In fact, in unexpected destinations like East Asia and East Africa, incredible beach getaways are hiding in countries you might not expect.

Southwest is hosting yet another monster sale on airfare across the country for travel through spring 2020.13 through March 5, 2020, and April 14 through May 14, 2020.

A Guide to Planning the Perfect Ski Trip Ever since Idaho’s Sun Valley opened as the first destination ski resort in the United States in 1936, skiing has grown as a popular American vacation across the country.Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or want to enjoy the ambiance of a winter wonderland without stepping foot in the snow, a ski trip could be the perfect winter vacation for you.