The People’s Daily, a state newspaper for China’s Communist Party, posted a bright red message titled “This, is China’s attitude!In response, China said Monday that it would raise tariffs on $60 billion of American goods from a range of 5% to 10% to as much as 25%.

USA TODAY Published 11:41 AM EDT May 15, 2019 A new interview with Britney Spears' longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, calls into question whether her canceled Las Vegas Domination residency will resume in the future.13,) so that she could tend to her her father, Jamie Spears, who is recovering from a ruptured colon.

But given that the New York Jets obviously soured on Mike Maccagnan four years into his tenure, Wednesday was the right time to part ways with their general manager.In a fair world, "Macc" would have gotten requisite time to see if his latest decisions paid off.

Fueled by talent, joy and competitive drive, they won championship and MVPs and brought new-found excitement to the league.For all their accomplishments and significance, Basketball Hall of Famers and NBA icons Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are this year’s recipients of the NBA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In a statement, TSA said it's in the "process of soliciting volunteers to support this effort while minimizing operational impact.Emails obtained by CNN indicated that some of the volunteers could include air marshals and others from the agency's "Security Ops" unit.

Overturning Roe would accelerate the process, abortion rights activists say, because states would no longer have to worry about a federal judge standing in their way.More: Alabama's abortion bill could put doctors in prison for life: Here's what to know Which states would ban abortion without Roe?

“In next five to 10 years BEVs will become a much more significant part of industry than the current three per cent, or even six per cent.But look at the science - the energy density of batteries today and over the next five to 10 years.

The new Mercedes EQC was unveiled last year, and this is our first chance to get behind the wheel – just as the order books open in the UK.Jaguar states a WLTP range of nearly 300 miles, compared with the Mercedes and Audi’s offerings of around 250 miles.

The odds are stacked against a proposed constitutional amendment to expand Maine's system that allows voters to rank their candidates from first to last on the ballot.It works like this: Voters rank candidates on the ballot, and a candidate garnering a majority of first-place votes is the winner.

INTELLIGENCE MATTERS - DAVID SANGER HOST: MICHAEL MORELLPRODUCER: OLIVIA GAZISMICHAEL MORELL:David, welcome to Intelligence Matters.And I pick up yours, and I read yours, and it is very accessible-- DAVID SANGER:Thanks.

Funding will come from the Defense Department following the emergency declaration that President Donald Trump signed this year after Congress refused to approve the amount of border wall funding he requested.Barriers will go up at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, a vast park named after the unique cactus breed that decorates it, and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, which is largely a designed wilderness home to 275 wildlife species.

When deputies arrived, they found Marianne Clopton Shockley naked and unresponsive on the pool deck bleeding heavily from a head injury.Marcus Lillard was charged in the death of University of Georgia professor Marianne Shockley (right), deputies said.

S.A week after claiming Iranian "preparations for possible attack" on U.

This was around 4 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, and someone had asked Mickey Callaway about his catcher, Wilson Ramos, who at the time was hitting a softer-than-soft.“When Ramos catches, we’re 17-11, right?

Of course, he had no idea what the shiny thing was.A flat cookie that had already been visited by the Hungry Caterpillar?

For travel writers and former NYC residents Ashlea Halpern and Andrew Parks, it was not a place they thought they’d land.The couple toured the United States in a 16-month, 40-state, 229-city road trip, trying out new digs along the way.

With a maximum speed of 249 miles per hour, the new Alfa-X model by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi will be the fastest bullet train in the world, according to CNN.The current zippiest model, which is in use in Japan and France, has a capacity of roughly 200 miles per hour.

The NBA Finals begin May 30.” A senior Canadian government official said they received the letter and are looking into the case.

The final season of “Game of Thrones” Season 8 is winding down — but the “Bloodmoon” is rising.Here’s what we know about the much-anticipated “Bloodmoon” series right now: The title: George R.

LukeABC/Ed Herrera For his big entrance, Luke climbed atop his limo, got on all fours, and growled.He freestyle rapped to earn Brown’s heart, which worked: he got that night’s First Impression Rose.