In the aftermath of a debilitating stroke, a friend’s dad seemed downcast and, when asked why, said it was because his compromised dexterity meant he’d never achieve his ambition of learning the guitar.> Porsche 959 review - the 80s supercar with modern performance and tech Deluding yourself doesn’t do anyone any favours.

A Timeless History of the Swatch Watch A Timeless History of the Swatch Watch The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of the Fanny Pack The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of the Fanny Pack A Fad to Dye For: The Brief Life of Hypercolor Clothing A Fad to Dye For: The Brief Life of Hypercolor Clothing Spit Take: The Story of Big League Chew Spit Take: The Story of Big League Chew Traumatic Episodes: A History of the ABC Afterschool Special Batmania: When Batman Ruled the Summer of 1989 Up in the Air: When 'Balloon Boy' Took Flight Hollywood's Brief Love Affair With Young Einstein Star Yahoo Serious Good Fortune: The Story of Miss Cleo's $1 Billion Psychic Empire When 'Courage' Caused Controversy for Dan Rather When Y2K Sent Us Into a Digital Depression When Mr.Rogers Taught Kids About Mutually Assured Nuclear Destruction QVC's Strangest Gift Item: The Poopin' Moose Udder Success: The 'Got Milk?

(Representational image) Some employees of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) at the airport were involved in the theft of data and documents of pilgrims which are sold in the black market, a parliamentary panel was informed.He said that travel agents were also involved in stealing the data and documents of passengers returning from Umrah (pilgrimage).

They take around 20 minutes to cross the river and reach the primary school, located about one km away on the other side of the river, village sarpanch (head) Naarsing Rathwa told PTI.“Most of the times, these children cross the river by forming a human chain to prevent them from falling into the water.

The publication of the data comes a day after Bloomberg reported that economists surveyed by the financial news site were predicting a 0.”So how does the UK’s wealth compare to other countries, and which nation is the richest in the world?

News Take amazing photos with this Canon DSLR course (Image credit: Video School Online) Want to learn to take better photos?Luckily, the Canon DSLR Photography A-Z Course can teach you everything you need to know in order to take better snaps.

Digital art Fan's Russian Simpsons intro is too grim for TV (Image credit: Lazy Square) When it first aired, The Simpsons was a groundbreaking piece of subversive pop culture.But even in its heyday the show never went as far as this fan's dark version of the programme's intro, which sees the famous family reimagined as downtrodden citizens in a rather depressing-looking Russia.

Digital art 15 tips for better creature design Creating creature designs and art in general is like a sport.For more on process, see our post on art techniques, or read on for top 15 tips for creating better creature designs.

News Tech Brainworx just put one of the rarest studio consoles of all time in a plugin We can say with some confidence that you’ll never own a genuine Focusrite Studio Console.However, thanks to Brainworx, you now have the opportunity to sample its sound-shaping delights in a plugin.

Tributes are being paid to the teenage daughter of financier and environmentalist Ben Goldsmith following her death in a quad bike accident.As the eldest child of Goldsmith and his former wife Kate Emma Rothschild, Iris was “heiress to two of Britain’s most powerful dynasties”, says Hello!

Getting to Cosmoledo Eco Camp isn’t easy, says Teresa Levonian Cole in the Financial Times.Guests stay in “lavish” lodges and villas – or “eco pods” (“which are, unmistakably, shipping containers).

CreditCreditAlkis Konstantinidis/ReutersAt least seven people died and more than 100 were injured after intense thunderstorms hit northern Greece, tearing out tall pine trees and destroying houses in their passing, officials said on Thursday.ImageAt least seven people died and more than a hundred were injured after intense thunderstorms hit the Halkidiki region.

” ImageA detail of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Saint Jerome Praying in the Wilderness” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.The painting at the Met, “Saint Jerome Praying in the Wilderness,” on loan from the Vatican Museums, is one of those unfinished pictures.

During World War II, the palace was taken over by the Nazis as a summer residence.The rowboat scene in “The Sound of Music” was filmed here in 1964, on the adjacent Meierhof property, while the ornate Venetian room inside the palace was meticulously recreated on a soundstage in London as the ballroom in the film.

Some people like to have a window open to keep the room cool, while others use the sound of white noise to drown out outside distractions.One Japanese hotel has a slightly different idea about what will help its patrons sleep: a full-sized flight simulator installed in one of its rooms based on a Boeing 737-800 cockpit.

Afterward, the Navajo Nation government turned Antelope Canyon into a protected area, implementing stronger restrictions on who could visit, and when.) Peter Lik’s “Phantom” photo, which depicts Antelope Canyon’s famous light beams, sold for a reported $6.

The Tesla Model 3 offers impressive performance, great range and a unique take on car design.The Model 3 is the cheapest car in the Tesla range but doesn’t feel too far off the larger Model S in terms of quality or practicality.

The latest E-Class arrived in 2016, and put simply is one of the best cars Mercedes has ever produced.A sleek estate version, coupe and convertible are available for those wishing to stray from convention.

This is the Bentley EXP 100 GT, a spectacular birthday present from the British brand to itself to mark its centenary - but also a look ahead to techniques and technologies that could be introduced over the next 15 years.The EXP 100 GT is an ultra-luxurious, pure-electric grand tourer that’s designed to show how Bentley’s approach to ‘enjoying travel’ would still be relevant in 2035.

Because BiK rates are based on CO2 outputs, and WLTP sees higher on-paper emissions recorded, company car users faced a potentially significant hike in the BiK rates they faced.Electric cars were due to get a two per cent BiK rate in 2020/21, so the changes will mean drivers choosing an EV as their company car will pay no Benefit-in-Kind rate whatsoever for that financial year.