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From Vice: The network secured intimate access to the alt-right in this chilling chronology of the violent weekend in Charlottesville, Va., documenting nearly every ripple of what appears to be the latest turning point in American history. Elle Reeve’s portfolio of reporting on the alt-right over the past year demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the movement. The film’s technical mastery should also be noted: stunning videography on par with feature film standards, and a gripping, cinematic edit that was astonishingly cut in just a few days. — Adam B. Ellick, director and executive producer, Opinion Video

From The New York Times: Today’s installment of partisan writing you shouldn’t miss includes voices from the right, left and center, and from the 1800s, reacting to Confederate memorials. As writers for this newspaper put it in 1865, “So long as the South has an admiration for the rebellion, so long will the South be rebel at heart.” Earlier in the week, I rounded up how pundits reacted to President Trump’s remarks blaming “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville. You can read that here. — Anna Dubenko, senior digital strategist

From NPR Music: Click this link. Open up Spotify. And spend your weekend immersing yourself in parts of music history that are too often pushed to the margins. — Michael Gold, social media editor

From The Washington Post: Two boys, Alan and Norman, met in Wyoming as scouts and became lifelong friends. Norman Mineta was a prisoner in the Heart Mountain internment camp and Alan K. Simpson was a resident of nearby Cody. Mineta went on to be a member of Congress and cabinet secretary, Simpson a senator. They got together recently to denounce the racism that led to the camps, and goofed around endearingly. This story, sweet and sad, quietly teaches. — John Schwartz, climate change reporter