This Is the Best Day to Book Your Christmas Flight, According to Experts

When it comes to booking a budget-friendly flight, there’s lots of conflicting advice out there (there’s even a newbest day of the week to buy a plane ticket). You don’t want to book too early or too late, but it’s hard to hit the bull’s-eye on the perfect happy medium.

Fortunately, the experts over at Skyscanner crunched some numbers to find the best day to click “buy.” Using ticket data from 2016, the website predicts the cheapest days to book for 2017 will be during the week of October 22. That’s assuming you plan to leave between December 19 and December 25, and return between December 26 and December 27.

GALLERY: This is the best time to book Thanksgiving travel (provided by Reader's Digest)

If you’re more inclined to take a New Year’s trip instead (departing between December 26 and December 31, and returning between January 1 and January 3), book the week of October 29. You can even change things up completely with one of these off-season travel destinations. Either way, you’ll want to start looking at tickets about 11 weeks out from your flight date.

And don’t pack your bags too quickly for that holiday flight—these are the air travel mistakes to stop making before your next flight.

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