TSA explains inconvenient airport security rules

TSA explains inconvenient airport security rules © Provided by Hearst Television, Inc. We are approaching the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks and the Transportation Security Administration is working to remind people of the airline security rules that have been evolving since 2001.

WLWT got a chance to see some of the training aids that TSA agents use at the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport. TSA explosive specialist Rob Burgess said the security rules are always changing to address new terror threats.

“Because they are evolving, we evolve and hopefully we stay one step ahead of them,” Burgess said.

certain state drivers' licenses are no longer valid forms of ID.

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For every TSA rule, there’s a reason.

Flyers have to take off their shoes because of the so-called shoe bomber Richard Reid. He attempted to bring down a Detroit-bound flight with explosives in his shoes.

Flyers must step into a full body scanner or get a pat down because of the underwear bomber who tried to smuggle plastic explosives in his shorts in 2009.

The TSA bans liquids over 3 ounces in your carry-on, because of another terrorist plot.

According to Burgess, terrorists in the UK were planning to smuggle liquid explosives onto flights in drink bottles.

“They were going to use these disposable cameras, which had the firing device concealed in them to detonate devices on multiple flights,” Burgess said.

Flyers at some US airports are already being asked to remove their laptops and tablets from their baggage for a separate trip through the scanners. Those new screening procedures are because a laptop bomb made it onto a foreign plane in Somalia in 2016.

“If you have a laptop in a bag that’s cluttered, it’s very difficult to see inside the actual components of the laptop,” Burgess said.

Those new rules for laptops and other large electronic devices will be coming to CVG sometime before the end of the year.

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