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Not only was the station historically significant, it was also architecturally stunning, with vaulted tile ceilings, a skylight of leaded stained glass, and chandeliers.Unfortunately, the station was shut down in 1945, as it was too small to accommodate new larger modern trains, and it has remained closed—and preserved underground—ever since.

This is Bus Garage Number Seven.Yes, that's right -- just a bus garage.

The new book Abandoned Sacred Places by Lawrence Joffe, explores the most amazing in the world.They were largely built from the 4th century BC to 4th century AD.

The remnants of the fortress and the hulking defensive walls remain one of the island's major draws today.However, the town's luck changed as it was decided that Old Cahawba's proneness to flooding made it an unsuitable state capital.

Garnet was a lively mining town from the 1860s when prospectors discovered gold and semi-precious red gems in the area.In its heyday, this California gold mining town had 10,000 inhabitants and 65 saloons, gambling halls, opium dens and brothels.

The Thrill Is Gone Amusement parks usually conjure up images of soaring, spinning thrill rides, invigorating roller coasters, and stately Ferris wheels.) Williams Grove Amusement Park | Pennsylvania Dating to 1850, Williams Grove Amusement Park remained open until 2005.

The passenger called it a "nightmare" scenario and said she's been suffering from anxiety and night terrors ever since.In a post shared on Air Canada's Facebook page by a friend, a passenger named Tiffani Adams said she had a row to herself on a flight from Quebec City to Toronto on June 9.

Here we reveal the stories behind the planet's most curious abandoned islands.The island's natural resources eventually dried up, the mines closed in the 1970s and the island was abandoned.

(CNN) — From black-stoned pyramids staggering out of the Sudanese desert to the silhouetted bare bones of England's Gothic Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire striking abandoned sacred places can be found across the world.But of course, for the people who there they were given short notice to leave the village and their beloved church," says Joffe.

When the cameras are rolling, a movie set buzzes with activity – but what happens when the clapperboard snaps shut for the final time?Atlas Corporation Studios, near Ouarzazate, Morocco: The Mummy/Black Hawk Down Gas Haven isn't the only movie location in the area.

man abandoned at Gatwick Airport as a newborn has finally found his birth parents.Wrapped in a tartan shawl and wearing two baby onesies, his origin story was all but a mystery.

A researcher at the University of Oviedo estimates there are nearly 2,000 empty villages in the region.”Their decision two years ago to buy an entire village is still rare, but getting less so.

ImageThe artisanal bakery Lille is one of a number of new spots in Copenhagen's Refshaleoen area.CreditCreditNana Hagel for The New York TimesDanes see potential in unlikely places.

Surrounded by snakes on … an island!A group of British teens are reliving the traumatic experience of being stranded on a small island ridden with snakes and jellyfish during a recent vacation to Thailand.

A group of British teens are reliving the traumatic experience of being stranded on a small island ridden with snakes and jellyfish during a recent vacation to Thailand.“When we eventually got on the island, the three men just chucked us two snorkeling masks, which looked like they were from [a discount store] or something, and advised we keep away from the snakes.

Jared Rydelek of Weird Explorer found an abandoned Girl Scouts camp outside of Utica, New York.Jason Huckeba of the YouTube channel Huck Outdoors explored an abandoned summer camp that a film crew used for the set of a horror movie.

The turtles and tortoises, including at least one endangered species, were found abandoned in the arrivals area of the airport.Authorities in the Philippines were likely shell-shocked upon discovering more than 1,500 turtles stuffed inside four pieces of luggage at Manila’s airport.

In Bolivia’s Altiplano, abandoned train cars that have been weathered by salt and winds are also decorated with graffiti.(Tickets cost approximately $8 for adults, $4 for children)© Photo by PhotoPhilipp/Shutterstock https://www.

That’s all about to change: At noon on February 14, guests can start booking reservations for the new TWA Hotel, which formally opens May 15.This particular plane, Connie N8083H, began flying TWA passengers in 1958 only to be replaced by a newer model just two years later.

Canfranc International Railway Station, Spain Once the second biggest train station in Europe, Canfranc International Railway Station sits high in the Pyrenees mountains in a small Spanish village on the border with France.Michigan Central Train Station, Detroit, USA Since it opened in 1913, this vast train station has towered over Detroit's historic Corktown neighborhood.