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Elijah Cummings when a pallbearer appeared to refuse to shake the Kentucky Republican's hand.A video posted to Twitter captures the pallbearer walking down a line and shaking the hands of several lawmakers before ignoring an outstretched McConnell's hand.

USA TODAY Published 2:16 PM EDT Oct 9, 2019 The "handshake-gate" no one really asked for looks to be reaching its denouement.It all started when San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman blasted Cleveland Browns quarterback for allegedly not shaking his hand during the pregame captain's meeting before the 49ers throttled the Browns on Monday night.

While some world leaders distanced themselves from the Saudi crown prince accused of ordering the assassination of a journalist, and from Russian President Vladimir Putin.But those two men appeared happy to see each other at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday.