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Why neither of us ever recalls that we cycle through this same sequence of conversations each year I don’t know.It is our shared desire, perhaps, to be immersed in the alluring fantasy of being closer to a life-altering change than we actually are.

What satisfaction a poem like this offers lies in its rage, the good tongue-lashing it doles out.In the intervening years, political poetry, even here in America, has done much more than vent.

At a session titled “Madness of Migration” at the recently held Khushwant Singh Literary Fest in Kasauli, poet Shalim Hussain, 31, called migration “as natural a human instinct as progress”.A poet, writer and translator based in Guwahati, Hussain is also at the forefront of the new wave of ‘Miyah movement’ back home, a form of protest poetry by Assamese Muslims of Bengali origin.

Onassis thought it reminded him of his brother Joe, who died in the Second World War.Their depictions of life in the trenches match up with the images most commonly associated with World War I.

ImageA 'Timerick' inspired by a June 19 Times article, "How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country.ImageA 'Timerick' inspired by a June 14 Times article by Dennis Overbye, "Black Hole Drags Star to Dusty Death.

Collins put it, “to detach himself from academic life, with its slow but steady intravenous drip of a salary.Much of his poetry focused on rural life in New England.

Bobbie Louise Hawkins in Bolinas, Calif.CreditGerard MalangaBobbie Louise Hawkins, a prodigious Beat Generation poet and novelist whose work reverberated with her hardscrabble Texas childhood and her belated liberation from an overbearing husband, died on May 4 at her home in Boulder, Colo.

Julia de Burgos’s poetry explored issues like Puerto Rico’s colonial past, the legacy of slavery and American imperialism.When the poet Julia de Burgos left Puerto Rico at 25, she vowed never to return.

Photo The poet Sam Hamill, a founder of Copper Canyon Press, at his home in Anacortes, Wash.His daughter, Eron Hamill, said the cause was complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMr.

His death, from cancer — an illness that had been grist for poems in recent years — was announced by Random House.The author of eight volumes of poetry, Mr.

“At such a young age, you begin to understand that there are these different ways you belong,” Smith told me.”“History is a heavy thing everywhere,” Smith said at the lectern in Lake City, taking a sip of water from a large crystal glass.

IN THE police encounter that killed three militants here on Friday, there was another casualty: three decades worth of works of a popular Kashmiri poet, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, known by his pen name ‘Madhosh Balhami’.Chased by the police and Army, the militants forced their way into Bhat’s double-storey house in Balhama village, some 2 km away.

Photo Lucie Brock-Broido in 2013, the year her most recent book, “Stay, Illusion,” was a finalist for the National Book Award.By noon the next day she was writing a love letter to him, she told Poetry magazine.

Credit Pat Ryan/The New York Times Many years ago, before the money bomb dropped on San Francisco and made the city uninhabitable, I lived in a basement apartment in the Upper Haight.I must have been complaining of loneliness or poverty or some other unmanly lack that made him say, pitilessly, “Light writes white.

“He was one of the most accomplished writers not only in Taiwan but in modern Chinese literature,” one scholar said.” “The Yellow River flows torrential in my veins / China is me I am China,” Mr.

Continue reading the main story He provided commentary as he went along, sometimes blowing raspberries at his own performance.In “Tape for the Turn of the Year,” there were moments when he debated stomping on his coil of paper.

The town of about 30,000 residents, Jayas was once known as an important Sufi site of the Jaunpur sultanate.READ | Searching for Padmavati: A travel across Chittor to get a sense of the queen “Like Kabir, he got Hindus and Muslims together.

He writes of “cancerous” people and habits, of the pain of being “submerged with fists” and of “dancing around the flames.Continue reading the main story In summer 2016, a post on Instagram by his aunt Sandra Serva nudged him out of stagnation.

Photo Amanda Gorman, student, poet, author and activist, on the Charles River near Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.Big Break Inspired by a speech that Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate, gave in 2013, Ms.

The TAO Dance Theater uses a two-story house as its rehearsal facility.The TAO Dance Theater is performing a double bill - 8 and 9 - until the next day.