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For more than five decades, Kazak has authored several books including one on the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan, Bihar, and Odisha.Originally from from Sheikhpura in Pakistan, Kazak says his father was a Ramgharia, from a family of masons.

A nationwide mission has been undertaken to restore our rivers ravaged by widespread encroachment and interference in their natural flows.Measures have been taken to address the colossal scale of sewage polluting the rivers.

(iStock) A 2 1/2-year-old puppy caused a stir at Boston’s Logan International Airport Friday morning after escaping from his crate.However, once Kaneiff opened the door to put on Ronin’s leash, the dog bolted from the carrier.

The advanced state of self-absorption attributed more to film and rockstars (though by no means restricted just to them), allegedly makes them unfit for social commentary on complicated issues like GST.(File/Photo) Recently, Farhan Akhtar reacted angrily to BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao’s sweeping generalisation that film stars have “very low IQ and general knowledge”.