Is love in the air? Take to the skies for this outrageous Valentine's date

Is love in the air? Take to the skies for this outrageous Valentine's date

When it comes to romance, is there such a thing as going too over-to-the-top for the one you love? What if that involved jet setting to the Caribbean for just a day of fun in the sun? If you want to enjoy a Valentine's Day lunchtime date in paradise, it isn't impossible-- and you can be home in time for dinner. And while there is a lot of travel involved, getting to this destination was half the fun! Between a private jet, a beachfront paradise, and an organic garden, Fox News discovered one of the craziest Valentine's experiences available this year. (All photos courtesy Ali Rosen)

Private is the way to go.

This over-the-top getaway begins with a trip on your very own plane. Think private jets are out of your reach? New companies like XoJet, JetSmarter, and JetSuite allow you let you buy memberships to use other people's private jets at a fraction of the typical cost.  A full day in your own jet can still cost around $60,000.


No worries, no waiting.

After boarding a plane with no security lines and no waiting on the tarmac, a flight from New York to Grand Cayman takes just three hours. But don't worry - you'll have your own private flight attendant to ensure you enjoy the flight in style.

Up, up and away.

When you're on a private jet you'll never have to lean over someone to look out the window as you land. The plane touches down on the small island of Cayman Brac.

Sip the next one poolside.

After lunch, it's time to hit up the pool and enjoy the beautiful view of Cayman Brac's unique limestone bluff.


Jet setting not just for Valentine's Day?

It might just be an extravagant fantasy for Valentine’s Day, but there are realistic ways to take part of the magic. XoJet, JetSmarter, and JetSuite offer deals as low as $1,000 for sharing spots on private planes. And of course you can always take a regular flight to Cayman Brac to check out the delicious food and organic gardens at Soleil D'Or.