Destiny 2 guide: complete campaign walkthrough and guides for how to save the Traveler

Welcome back, Guardian! Destiny 2 is finally here, and everything is about to change. The Earth is under attack from the invading Cabal Red Legion, and if you want to save the Traveler then you've got a big fight ahead of you.

This is our Destiny 2 walkthrough, which will cover all of the main campaign missions to get you through the story. Beyond the list of missions, you'll find the rest of our Destiny 2 guides, giving you tips and tricks as well as individual guides on specific items and collectibles.

As you make your way through Destiny 2, you'll encounter plenty of adventures, world quests, and other activities to keep you busy. However, if you want to open up every region in the solar system and unlock more cool stuff, you'll need to progress through the main campaign missions.

The first time you play through the campaign these missions will be single player only, so you'll need to rely on your own skills. Once you've completed the story, you can visit Ikora Rey and 'meditate' to replay missions of your choice, this time with a fireteam if you like. Select a mission from the list below to get started:

Destiny 2 guide: complete campaign walkthrough and guides for how to save the Traveler

If you're looking for Destiny 2 help in areas other than the main campaign missions, then this is the place to be. We'll be updating this section with links to tips and tricks, collectibles locations, and various other guidance to ensure you get the best out of Destiny 2.

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