How to Make the Most of Free Hotel Amenities

Forget room service, spa treatments and other for-charge amenities available at most upscale hotels — these properties have plenty of free amenities that many guests don’t take advantage of and may not even know about, said Lisa Holladay, the global brand leader for the Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and Bulgari hotels.

“You’re spending your valuable money to stay at a nice hotel, so why not enhance that stay by taking advantage of all the property has to offer?” she said.

Here, Ms. Holladay’s advice on tapping into a hotel’s free amenities.

GO TO HAPPY HOUR Many high-end hotels offer free alcoholic beverages to their guests in the evening. The drinks vary: Most St. Regis hotels, for example, saber a bottle of Champagne every evening in their lobby bars and offer a glass to guests who are present for the ritual, while some Ritz-Carltons serve locally influenced cocktails in their lobbies. Also, all Kimpton hotels have a wine hour every evening, when guests are served wine and beer. Ask your hotel’s concierge staff about the free drinks the property may offer.

HITCH A RIDE Luxury hotels often have a house car to shuttle guests to restaurants, museums and other attractions around town for free. These cars are usually stylish: The house car at the St. Regis New York, for example, is a Bentley, while the three 1 Hotels — Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park, in New York City, and South Beach, in Miami — have Teslas. Keep in mind, Ms. Holladay said, that house cars are typically available on a first-come-first-served basis. In addition to having house cars, a growing number of hotels today also lend guests bikes for no charge.