• Delivering on the Brand Promise

    A company’s brand promise defines what it stands for and what consumers can expect from all interactions with the brand. How well it delivers on this promise can affect customer loyalty, employee engagement, and the company’s bottom line. Marketers can seek feedback, monitor performance, and train and engage employees.

  • How to Boost Manufacturing’s Image

    While the majority of Americans believe manufacturing is important to maintaining the nation’s economic prosperity and standard of living, many believe more could be done to foster the development of manufacturing in the U.S., according to a new study by Deloitte, the Manufacturing Institute, and the National Association of Manufacturers. CMOs and other leaders can take steps to help improve public perception of manufacturing to attract top talent and remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

  • So You Want to Buy a Fintech Firm

    Acquiring a fintech startup can give traditional financial institutions quick entry into this disruptive new area, but the resulting integration often poses particular challenges. Five key steps can help legacy organizations make the most of their fintech investments while keeping risks at bay.

  • Making the Grade With College Shoppers

    Back-to-college shoppers will spend almost $46 billion this summer, representing approximately two-thirds of overall back-to-school shopping, according to Deloitte’s 2017 Back-to-College Survey. College shoppers tend to spend more because they typically are purchasing bigger items such as dorm furniture and small household appliances. These shoppers present a significant opportunity for retailers to build customer loyalty that can extend far beyond the college years.

  • Digital DNA: A Road Map to Maturity

    As they strive to transform their organizations to compete in the digital age, many companies are “doing” digital rather than “being” digital, according to a recent survey from Deloitte Digital and Facebook. Understanding 23 traits of digital-first organizations may help CMOs move their companies further along the path toward digital maturity.

  • Driving Innovation in Consumer Products

    While many consumer product (CP) companies pursue innovation as a key strategy, very few are actually creating new business offerings that deliver value to their customers and shareholders. Deloitte Consulting LLP analyzed top-performing CP companies and identified three areas in which leading innovators excel—innovating beyond product, designing for consumer behavior, and developing systematic capabilities.