As You Enjoy Your Vacation, Think About Taking A Sabbatical

“I need a sabbatical” I wailed to my coach a few months ago, my lofty 2017 goals and extensive “to do” list lined up in my journal like soldiers waiting for my command.

I had fantasized about the sabbatical on my one-week vacation in March, as I lolled in a hammock on a cay in Belize, mapping it out in my mind and reveling in how wonderful it would feel.

Recently, I have been coaching a client to prepare her 6-month sabbatical later this year. Funny, it often happens that the very thing I am coaching a client on, is what I myself need.

“Marguerite, we are going to hold off this project for a few months as we need to do some other things before we start.”

This, earlier this month, from a client with whom I had been negotiating an 18-month project to start early this year. As I pressed the red “end call” icon (we don’t hang up phones anymore, do we), I realized that my wish for the time and space of a sabbatical had been granted. Not by any conscious planning on my part, but by my repeated and passionate declarations.

“Be careful what you wish for, because you will get it” my spiritual mother and dear friend Rev. Elma used to say to me years ago when I lived In Jamaica.

According to, a sabbatical refers to “any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.” It has been used mainly in academia, where faculty are granted up to a year’s leave to research. But its root is in the spiritual practice of the Sabbath, a day of rest and reflection. An extended period of leave from my customary work was exactly what I wanted, and what my client had gifted me.

And so, over the last month, and in the next six weeks or so, I am on sabbatical, or my version of it. Whilst I complete some coaching assignments, I am developing and launching new products, such as Nourish to Flourish, a program to help leadership teams communicate effectively and joyfully, once and for all (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ). And experimenting with others – a membership program and popup coaching on specific issues, like how to take a great vacation. I am also completing my final creative writing project, which I will publish later this year as a book. And spending time with family and friends, lots of yoga, reading and getting into podcasts.

After the big gulp of accepting this time of a much slower pace (yes, this is slower for me) outside of my comfort zone of client commitments and workshop deadlines, I inhale the space that is igniting my creativity and joy. And of course, I reflect on the lessons and insights:

It’s summer. Many of you will be on vacation. Have you ever thought of taking a sabbatical? Is there a new skill you would like to learn? Something to research? A book to write? Perhaps a sabbatical is something to think about, commit to and plan, as you vacate. Here are five steps to get you started: