It’s hard work being a video referee, says Italy’s VAR chief

The official responsible for implementing the use of video replays at the Italian league said on Monday that the job of Video Assistant referees (VARs) is harder than it looks.

After VARs were implemented in the Italian league this season, former referee Roberto Rosetti told Reuters, “It is an irreversible process that needs to be improved in times and procedures.”

“After a friendly match in front of 80,000 people, a VAR told me that he had never been so tired in his life. It is another concept, a different assessment structure and it takes time and patience to do things the right way.”

“The technical decision was right but there was a clear error on the disciplinary side,” said Rosetti. “The VAR controlled a situation where it could have been assumed that there was a serious mistake,” he said.

Rosetti said that the VAR should not intervene after the referee blows his whistle. “When the referee blows his whistle, the game stops and from that moment the VAR should not intervene. We know that every change needs a phase of adaptation, the procedures have to optimised and the time taken needs to be limited and improved.”

He had the impression that the players were “more restrained and accepting refereeing decisions very well.”

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