Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August full episode written update: Naira proposes to celebrate Janmashtami to solve the issues

The whole family walks away from Suhasini and she starts crying in the mandir. Kartik is taking Naira along but she stays back to go to Suhasini. She hugs her and starts consoling her to make her stop crying.

Rukmani puts the whole blame on Bua Dadi saying that she was just helping her with the pooja. Instead Rukmani planted the idea in Bua Dadi’s mind and Bua Dadi says the same thing. Naitik and Bauji allege her for being so naive all the time and putting them to shame this time. Naksh says he cannot forgive her and she cannot attend his wedding with Keerti. Naksh sends an audio to Keerti saying that he’s ashamed to know that she had to go through this. Keerti calls him and says it’s not his fault and Naksh tells her that her Dadi is not at fault. She must’ve agreed for this in Bua Dadi’s pressure. Naira comes to talk to her and says that Keerti should take a stand for herself now.

Bua Dadi has left the house and everybody starts feeling a bit bad for it. Luv and Kush bring jalebis for Keerti to make her feel better. Keerti eats them and gets to know that Dadi has made it. Suhasini is standing behind the pillar and listening to everything. Surekha says that Dadi has cooked something after ages. Naira spots Dadi and tells Keerti to go and talk to her. Suhasini begs for forgiveness and Keerti says that she has forgiven all their mistakes, so how can they not do the same with her. Keerti says that she has understood her perspective and Naira also apologises. Kartik says the same for not thinking about her pressure. Manish says that they should talk to Naira’s family. Naira plans to meet and clarify everything with them tomorrow, at Janmashtami.
Naira texts Naitik saying that they should celebrate Janmashtami together and solve everything. The men start helping the ladies in their chores.

Naira and Kartik reminisce about their Janmashtami last year. They start goofing around and chatting the whole night. Suhasini tells everybody that Keerti has been called at Naira’s house. Keerti and Naksh will be made Radha-Krishna. Naira talks to Suvarna when she’s reminiscing about her son.

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