Varun Dhawan on Kangana Ranaut nepotism row: Our job is to entertain, rather than hurting sentiments

“I am not good at making comments in public,” was the first thing actor Varun Dhawan told the audience today, when he took stage at the trailer launch of Judwaa 2, in an obvious dig at the faux-pas that he was party to at the recently held IIFA awards. Varun, filmmaker Karan Johar and actor Saif Ali Khan merrily made fun of KJo’s row with Kangana Ranaut over nepotism. The trio, who themselves are products of nepotism, declared on the stage, “Nepotism rocks,” inviting wrath from a large section of fans and media, for their seemingly snobbish and patronising conduct.

Varun, who is usually the quickest to own up to his public gaffes, was here also the first one to post an apology to Kangana, without naming her, on his Twitter page. His apology came just few days after the controversy broke out, as Karan and Saif followed him with their defense. Their statements were followed by Kangana’s open letter, slamming the trio.

Facing the mediapersons for the first time since the row, Varun quite humbly responded when asked to give his word on the issue. The 30-year-old actor, taking a defensive stand, said that Bollywood is one “big fraternity, where everyone loves each other.”

“I have said what I had to say on this. That should be the end of this topic as far as I am concerned. Eventually. we all are one fraternity and we love each other. As a fraternity, our job is to entertain people, not hurt anyone’s sentiments. And if I have hurt someone, then I have apologised to one and all. That’s how I am. I am an entertainer and an artiste, and I only have love in my heart for people. That’s what I want to say,” the actor said.

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